Associate Member Program

Brotherhood with Transparency 

Delta Upsilon prides itself on being the oldest non-secret Fraternity in the World! This means there is nothing we hide from the public eye. We are free from the shroud of secrecy allowing us to focus more time on bettering our communities and helping our members obtain a quality education. 

Leadership Opportunities

Get the chance to attend leadership conferences throughout the country! 

" There is no better honor than meeting brothers from across the globe."

Chris Garcia '22

Building Better Men

Over the course of a two-month program, associate members learn new leadership abilities, participate in intramural sporting events, are given opportunities to hone their public speaking skills, participate in philanthropy work throughout our community, meet new friends, network among our vast array of notable alumni and much more!


Our goal at Delta Upsilon is to Build Better Men, without a shroud of secrecy or outdated tradition. Bellow is a link to the exact handbook used to facilitate our associate member program. Anyone is free to take a look!