Our Executive Board



Nate Carpenter hails from the small agricultural town of Kelseyville, Ca approximately three hours north of the South Bay, where his family has owned and operated an organic orchard for over 8 generations. He’s a senior majoring in Psychology with a concentration in clinical practices. Outside the virtual classroom he can be found watching his 49ers on Sunday or following along with the adventures of Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian. Nate joined Delta Upsilon seeing promise in its foundation and principles with room to make great achievements within his community.  

VP Finance

My name is Dylan Sui and I am a 21 year old senior majoring in business management. I am originally from Millbrae, California. Some fun facts about myself are that I am Padi certified for scuba diving and grew 4 inches in a single year. My current position in the San Jose Chapter of Delta Upsilon is the Vice President of Finance, or simply known as the treasurer. I handle all the bills from the fraternity and make sure we have enough money flowing through the house to complete our day to day operations and keep our chapter running smoothly.

Vice President

Hello, my name is Cash Michalis and I am a sophomore here at San Jose state majoring in Kinesiology. I have been elected Vice President of Membership Education. Some things about me are that I am from OC and I love to be outdoors and being active, I love to surf and ski! I spend my summers working with the Orange County Life Guard Association. I wish to pursue a career in Nutriton and physical therapy. 

House Manager

My name is Saul Castillo Acosta and I am currently a 4th year majoring in Psychology and, minoring in computer science. I was raised in San Jose. My current role is House Manager where I am tasked with keeping our $5.5 million in an orderly fashion and supplied. A key contributing factor for joining Delta Upsilon was the opportunity to refine my networking skills. Not only does it help you improve, but it gives you opportunity to network with our notable alumni within our respective future careers. 

VP Recruitment

My name is Christian Garcia and I’m a 4th year Economics major here from San Jose. In Delta Upsilon I have made lifelong memories and friends that I will forever be grateful for. Previously I was the Chapter Excellence plan chair. This upcoming semester I’ll be serving as VP of recruitment, this position will allow me the opportunity to strengthen our brotherhood during these uncertain times. I’m also president of the Bitcoin and Blockchain initiative on campus. I joined Delta Upsilon to become the best version of myself while being surrounded with like minded people and so far I have accomplished that. Looking forward to see how we can better our brotherhood and community during this unprecedented situation.

VP Loss Prevention

My name is Alec Sarrail and I’m currently a second year student at SJSU, majoring in economics, and am originally from San Dimas, Ca. This upcoming spring semester I will be representing the role of VP of Loss Prevention, I am excited for this role as it gives me the opportunity to better our house as a whole. The reason I joined Delta Upsilon was because I saw a tight knit group of friends where everyone felt included and everyone had the ability to voice their opinion without fear of judgment. Delta Upsilon also provided me with opportunities to work with alumni, give back to the community, and meet other members of Non-Greek and Greek life organizations.

VP Academics

My name is Bailey Wong and some fun facts about me are I've played basketball since I was 6 years old and I recently took on weight lifting when I was a senior in high-school. It has developed into a passion. I am currently a sophomore majoring in kinesiology with a focus in rehabilitation science. My current role in the house is Vice President of Academics. 

VP External Relations

My name is Satej Bhogill and I am currently a sophomore at San Jose State University. I am from Orange County in Southern California. I joined Delta Upsilon in Fall 2019, being a part of the Beta Tau Associate Member Class. Joining Delta Upsilon has brought a lifetime worth of memories, like-minded and humble brothers, and an immense number of connections for me. To anyone looking for a family outside of home, Greek is the way to go.

VP Administration 

Hi my name is Nicholas (Nick) Holmes. I am a fourth year Business Analytics student and Delta Upsilon’s Vice President of Administration. I am a transfer student from San Diego and enjoy fishing at the beach and watching San Diego Padres baseball.